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 beautiful places in Dubai

beautiful places in Dubai

beautiful places in Dubai:

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is one of the United Arab Emirates most famous buildings and the soaring sky high landmark of Dubai. Not only is the world's tallest building , it also claims to the titles of tallest freestanding structure in the world , highest observation deck in the world and elevator with the longest travel distance in the world. A trip up to the observation deck, with its panoramic views across Dubai , is a sightseeing highlight for most tourists who visit though for those who suffer from vertigo it might be best to give it a miss

Sharjah Arts Museum

Sharjah Arts Museum

The most important museum dedicated to the arts in the Emirates the Sharjah arts Museum is home to the most diverse art collection to the United Arab Emirates . The museum is recognized for its collection of works by Arabic artists who specialized in painting the Arab world .
The museum is also noted for its program of temporary exhibitions through the year

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Shiekh Zayed Mosque is a mammoth modern mosque of incredible beauty. Harnessing contemporary design and ancient craftsmanship, the mosque harmoniously blends modern and ancient styles and techniques to a new interpretation of Islamic architecture . A visit here is a must or any Abu Dhabi itinerary. With its interiors using lavish amounts of gold, mosaic tiles and glass work and immense amounts of marble, and its exterior of blindingly white stone contrasting dramatically under the Emirati blue sky, it never fails to dazzle 



The Bastakia quarter of Dubai is the last remaining fragment of Old Dubai and shouldn’t be missed . This small heritage area really evokes the simpler dentler past of the city before skyscrapers took over the skyline . Narrow lanes are lined with beautifully preserved building in typical Arabian architectural styles, many with wind tower features. Various museums allow you to enter the houses and see typical Arabian interiors within the quarter along with mosques and a small surviving segment of the original Dubai City wall

Jebel  Hafeet

Jebel  Hafeet

A must do for anyone who wants to snap a great vista the summit of Jebel Hafeet is a favorite day trip from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. This is the second highest peak in the United Arab Emirates, and far reaching sumptuous desert panoramas greet you all the way up to the top on the winding road . After the twisting mountain road drive you are rewarded with being able to see across the areas vast sweep of desert .

Hajar Mountains

Hajar Mountains

The Hajar Mountains scythe through the desert creating the jagged and wild heart of the United Arab Emirates . Twisting roller coaster roads with spectacular scenery along the way connect the region's tiny villages, making this region road trip heaven . Nature lovers will find plenty of hiking trekking and bird watching opportunities while the vast amount of picturesque wades in the area also fun to explore

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilizations

One of the best museum in the country to focus on the full breadth of Islamic history and culture  not only local history The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilizations holds a wealth of fascinating and well laid out exhibits which trace Islamic empires through its spread into Asia and Africa and up to today . Many displays feature rare manuscripts and religious documents and tourists will find them easy to understand thanks to excellent information boards throughout

Dubai Creek Dhow Ride

Dubai Creek Dhow Ride

The Burj Khalifa may give you that famous skyline view from up high but the most iconic  Dubai views are still taken from the water . Dubai Creek slices through the city and the best way to experience Dubai is from one of the beautiful dhows ( Traditional Arabic boats ) that ply the creek . Sunset cruises are particularly beautiful as you watch the light of the high rises begin to twinkle in the dusk . Or for a budget cruise just hop on one of the ablas which ply water between Bur Dubai and Deira

Al Bidyah Mosque 

Al Bidyah Mosque

The oldest mosque in the United Arab Emirates al Bidyah is one of the country's and the Emirate of Fujairah's most important historical sites . Although modest in proportions , this adobe building was beautifully designed with its original ventilation shaft patterns in the walls still visible . The entire surrounding area is an archaeological site where many pottery and metal artifacts have been excavated. For history lovers this small mosque should  be a must do and it makes an excellent contrast with the over the top opulence of Abu Dhabi's Shiekh Zayed Grand Mosque 

interesting facts about sound

interesting facts about sound

interesting facts about sound:

facts about sound

interesting facts about sound

  • Sounds come from vibrations these vibrations create sound waves which more through mediums such as air and water before reaching our ears .

  • Dogs can hear sound at a higher frequency rate than human allowing them to hear noises that we can't

  • Our ear vibrate in  a similar way to the original source of the vibration allowing us to hear many different sounds ..

  • Sound can not travel through empty medium( an area empty of matter

  • The speed of sound is around 1230 km per hours or 767 miles an hour

  • The scientific study of sound waves is known as acoustics

  • Although music can be hard to define , it is often describe as a pleasing or meaningful arrangement of sounds.

  • When traveling through water sound moves around four times faster than when it travels through air

  • The loud sound you create by cracking a whip occurs because the tip is moving so fast it breaks the speed of sound!

  • Sound  is used by many animals to detect danger warning them of possible attacks before they happen

interesting facts about Time

interesting facts about Time

interesting facts about Time:

facts about Time

  • We use time to order events in the past present and future. We also use it to make comparisons and measure the speed at which things move

  • A sundial uses to measure the time it is an instruments that uses the position of the sun to measure time, typically involving a shadow cast across a marked surface .

  • The use pendulums to accurately measure the time was discovered by Galileo Galilei arounf 400 years ago . A pendulum is a free swinging weight hanging from a pivot

  • Normally years have 365 days but a Leap year has 366. The Earth takes a little long than 365 days to go around the Sun so we add an extra day in February every four years to keep calender's and seasons aligned

  • Milliseconds , microseconds and nanoseconds are examples of very small units of time .

  • Scientists believe the moon was used as a form of calendar as far back as 6000 years ago . Calendars have been changing ever since and are very accurate in modern times .

  • Many places use daylight saving time ( typically by putting clocks forward an hour) for longer daylight in the evenings .

  • Theories related to time have been put forward by famous scientists such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein . You may have even heard of the term space time a model in physics that joins space and time together

  • Different parts of the are located in different time zones. This means that while you are having breakfast in the morning someone in another part of the world is having dinner..

Funny Facts

Funny Facts

Funny Facts:

  • If you have a pizza with radius Z and thickness A its volume is = Pi*Z*Z*A

  • Hippopoyomonstrosesquippedaliophobia  is the fear of long words

  1. On her 120th birthday the Oldest person ever recorded said" I only have one wrinkle and I'm sitting on it

  •  Ronaldinho's deal with COCA COLA ended after he was caught sipping a Pepsi in a News Conference

  • In Dorset , Minnesota a 3 year old boy was elected as Mayor

  • The more features your phoe has the longer you spend in the toilet

  • In 2007 A Bosnian couple divorced after discovering both had an online affair with each other under fake names

  • The average speed of Heinz Ketchup squirt is 0.028 MPH

  • A group of owls called a Parliament

  • Charlie Chaplin once lost in a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest

  • The founder of lost his girlfriend to a man she met on

  • Many birds live alone but crows live in a group called a murder. Most people would call it a Flock of Crows

  • The area where military personnel socializes and eat is called a mess

  • In ancient Greece throwing an apple to a girl was a way to propose for marriage . If the girl caught it that would mean she accepts

  • There is a doggy disco held in  Italy every year where owners can dance with their dogs
  • The New York Stock exchange started out as a coffee house

  • A man filed a lawsuit against his doctor because he survived longer than what the doctor had predicted

  • In 1980 a Las Vegas hospital suspended workers for betting on when patients would die

  • The most overdue book in the world was borrowed from Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge , England and was returned 288 years later

interesting facts about women

interesting facts about women

interesting facts about women:

facts about women

interesting facts about women

  • The tallest woman that ever lived was Zeng Jinlian who was 8 feet 2 inches tall of China . Shed died at the age of 17

  • Woman who drink more than 2 times a cup of coffee a day have higher chance of developing osteoporosis

  • Women who are romance novel readers are reported to make love 74 % more often with their partners than women who do not read romance novel

  • A woman has approximately 4.5 liters of blood in her body , while men have 5.6 liters

  • Studies show that divorced women have more trouble starting new relationships than divorced men

  • On average it is estimated that females injure themselves ten time more than males do while playing sports

  • A common name for pin curls is also spit curls because woman sometimes wet their hair with their saliva before curling it

  • Women smiles more than men do

  • 96% of candles that are purchased are by women

  • Women on average live seven years longer than men do

  • Ancient Egyptian women used to wear perfume cones made of wax that would melt in the heat letting out a nice fragrance

  • 41% of women apply body and hand moisturizer at least three times a day

  • Women who work in the home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who work outside of the home