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Bearded vulture

Bearded vulture

Bearded vulture:

"Bearded vulture"

Bearded vulture


Scientific Name: Gypaetus barbatus

Wing Span: up to 2.83

Length up to 125 cm

Weight up to 7.8

bearded vulture facts

  • Also known as Bearded Vultures , these huge birds are mostly dark gray blue or grey black rusty and whitish in color.
  • Some Bearded Vultures are variably orange or rust of plumage on their head breast and leg feathers but this actually due to dusk bathing rubbing mud on its body or from drinking in minerals rich waters.
  • They are noted be spotted on mountainous regions from all around the world mainly Europe Asia and Africa and are almost entirely associated with very high mountains.
  • Some Lammergiers have also been observed living at altitudes of over 7500 m on Mount Everest and been observed flying at height of over 7300 m. That's insanely high.
  • Lammergiers is actually a German word meaning Lamb vulture some people belive that this species of vulture feeds on small lambs.
  • Lammergiers likes to eat soft marrow found inside the bones ( their diet is exclusively bone almost 90%) which is what is left when other vultures have stripped the carcass of any meat In order to get this it does not use its claws or beak to try to beak the bones  .