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Calotes versicolor

Calotes versicolor

Calotes versicolor:

Scientific Name ::  Calotes Versicolor
Family: Agamidae
Length: Up to 38 cm
Distribution: Asia

Calotes versicolor

facts about Calotes versicolor

  • Also famously known as the "Oriental Garden Lizard" , Crested Tree Lizard or Eastern Garden Lizard, The Changeable Lizard is as insectivore lizard found widely distributed in Asia and has been introduced in Many other parts of the world .

  • It has a spiny back with 2 small groups of spines perfectly separated from each other.

  • Based from the name , this lizard species can change its color from a general ground ( light brownish olive) color , to a bright red, to black or even to a mixture of both. Interestingly males get a bright red throat in the breeding season.

  • While many mistaken the changeable Lizard to be related to Chameleons due to their color-changing trait they are actually related to iguanas ( which are found only in the New World)

  • Unlike other lizards they do not drop their traits ( Autotomy ) and their tails can be very long , stiff and pointy. Like other reptiles they shed their skins. Like chameleons Changeable Lizards can move each of their eyes in different directions.

  • During the breeding season,, the male's head and shoulder's turns bright orange to crimson and his throat black . Males also turn red-headed after a successful battle with rivals

  • Its name" Crested Tree Lizard " is derived from both males and females having a crest from the head to nearly the tail..

  • Their diet mainly consists of insects , small vertebrates and at its clutches , they prey is shacked about rapidly in order to be stunned only to be swallowed whole afterwards -not being teared up as their teeth are designed for merely gripping prey..

  • Changeable Lizards are quite common and adapted very well to humans ..