What is dinosaur:

What is dinosaur

Dinosaurs were very special reptiles that lived on earth for about 160 million years. Some dinosaurs were as small as chickens but other were very huge. They had scaly skin and their eggs had shells . Dinosaurs walked upright and stood on either four legs or two Giant dinosaurs were the biggest animals ever to live on land There were hundreds of different dinosaurs and they looked like terrible lizards which is what the world dinosaurs means Mesozoic Era:

Age Of the Dinosaurs

Triassic Period ( 250-200 million years ago)

Triassic Period ( 250-200 million years ago)

When the Triassic period began, about 240 million years ago, all the land on Earth was concentrated in one giant super continent , which we now call Pangaea The climate was very cold at first but then warned and became seasonal which provided a varied landscape
This allowed the first dinosaurs mammals and flying pterosaurs to evolve . Pine like trees and cycads dotted a landscape where small lizard-like reptiles lived along side larger mammal-like reptiles and giant river-dwelling amphibians
By the close of the Triassic arid conditions formed desert-like environments in equatorial parts of Pangaea
Dinosaurs and the other archosaurs were a minority for most of the Triassic . Other reptiles living at this time were turtles , lizards, placodonts, ichthysaurs, nothosaurs, aetosaurs, phytosaurs and rauisuchids.
Non-following plants such as conifers cycads and ferns were the dominant plant life

Jurassic Period ( 200-145 million years ago )

Jurassic Period

In the Jurassic Period the climate was warm and increasingly humid which enable llarge forest to flourish this set the stage for the gargantuan long-necked sauropods to evolve. In turn large predatory theropods evolved to hunt them.
Other plant-eating dinosaurs developed armor to protect themselves, while pterosaurs dominated the skies above . The rist crocodiles appeared and many kinds of small shrew-like mammals lived in the shadow of the dinosaurs. In the seas ginat marine reptiles such as ichythyosaurs fed on a great diversity of bony fish. It was this time that the first bird , Archaeopteryx, evolved in Europe

The Jurassic Period landscape was not as dry as the Triassic one. The warm and humid climate produced larger and thicker forests . There was plenty of dinosaurs food in the Jurrasic World . Meat eaters feasted on Turtles, crocodiles , lizards and insects .

Cretaceous Period ( 145-65 million years ago )

Cretaceous Period
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During the Cretaceous period the moving continents created a more seasonally variable climate. Temperatures remained warm in the tropics  but were cooler in the high latitudes . throughout the world, dinosaurs diversified into many kinds, and birds and mammals also became more abundant . The first flowering plants-angiosperms-appeared in the early Cretaceous and gradually took over the landscape. At the end of the period , a massive meteorite impact threw the world into chaos . This may have caused the decline of the dinosaurs although some groups had already begun to die out.

The biggest change in this period was the appearance of flowering plants by the end of the Cretaceous, there were many different types such water lilies , mangolias and sycamores. This new food source resulted in more types of dinosaurs that ever before . Insects such as bees relied on flowring plants for food and plants relied on the bees for pollination