Triceratops | facts | size


Triceratops | facts | size :

Name Meaning: Three-horned face
Period: Late Cretaceous
Family Group : Ceratopsia
Diet : Plants
Size : 30 feet
Fossil Found: Canada , USA 1889

Triceratops | facts | size

Triceratops facts

This famous dinosaur was one of the last dinosaurs to live on Earth . Triceratops is also famous for being a frill counter balances the weight of its head , which was where its massive jaw muscles attached . It had the strongest jaws of any plant eater . Its teeth sharpened themselves on their food and were replaced throughout its life. They sheared past each other like giant shears. Triceratops could chomp its way through any vegetation. Although it looked like a rhinoceros , it could not gallop like one . It was much slower than and had to rely on its huge horns for defense. Although Triceratops lived when there were many fierce theropods including Tyrannosaurus, it survived until the end of the Cretaceous . It used its three horns to charge and stab its attackers and it used its frill to protect its next from predator's teeth
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