Torosaurus | facts | size


Torosaurus | facts | size :

Name Meaning : Bull Lizard
Period: Lower Cretaceous
Family Group: Ceratopsia
Diet : Plant
Size : 25 feet
Fossil Found : Canada , USA 1891

Torosaurus | facts | size

Torosaurus facts

Torosaurus had one of the longest skulls ever found ; it was 10 feet long. The Frill was more than half the length of the skull and had two large openings to make it lighter . Its skull and body were more lightly built than those of the massive triceratops , the most famous ceratopsian . Both dinosaurs lived to the end of the Cretaceous , but there were not so many "Torosaurus". For every one Torosaurus skull fond, 15 Triceratops skulls were found. 
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