top 10 world records in the world

top 10 world records in the world:

  • The world's biggest trap is Well's Half Acre on the 535 m 585 yards seventh hole of the Pine Valley course Clementon NJ built in 1912 and generally regarded as the world's most trying course

  • The world's tallest mountains The Himalayas are also the fastest growing . Their growth about half an inch a year is caused by the pressure exerted by two of the earth's continental plates pushing against one another

  • The company Kodak is the largest user of silver

  • Belgian driver Jenatzy was the first to reach a speed of over 100 km/h in his electrically powered car La Jamais Contente in 1899

  • On July 31 1994 Simon Sang Sung of Singapore turned a single piece of dough into 8192 noodles in 59.30 seconds

  • The CN Tower in Toronto is the tallest free standing structure in the world

  • The duration record for a face slapping contest was set in Kiev USSR in 1931 when a draw was declared between Bezbordny and Goniusch after 30 hours

  • The longest Monopoly game in a bathtub was 99 hours long

  • The world's largest bullfighting ring is in Mexico City

  • The longest Monopoly game ever played was 1680 hours long that's 70 straight days

  • The highest  wind velocity ever recorded in the United States was 231 miles per hour on Mount Washington New Hampshire in 1934

  • The world's widest river is the Amazon River

  • The Sahara desert has the highest dunes

  • The largest pyramid in the world is not in Egypt but in Cholulu DE Rivadahia Mexico . It is 177 feet tall and cover 25 acres . It was built sometime between 6 and 12 AD

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