saltwater crocodile facts

saltwater crocodile facts:

Scientific Name: Crocodylus Porosus
Family : Crocodylidae
Length: Up to 6.2 m (20 ft) 
Weight: Up to 1075 kg ( 2370 lbs) 
Distribution: Eastern India, Southeast Asia & Northern Australia 

saltwater crocodile facts

  • Also known as the Sea Crocodile, Estuarine Crocodile, Indo-Pacific Crocodile, Marine Crocodile , or as Sal-tie , it is the largest of all living reptiles in the whole wide world.

  • These huge crocodiles are able to over power other huge predators such as sharks , when it is their territory . 

  • Being able to survive on relatively little food for a prolonged period , it is not only highly aggressive but also a very opportunistic s predator hunting by ambush

  • Salt Water Crocodile have the broadest distribution of any modern crocodile , ranging from marine environments ( mangrove swamps , deltas , river , etc ) in the eastern coast of India throughout most of Southeast Asia and northern Australia . 

  • They are capable of ambushing and then drowning their prey only to rip open their prey or swallow them whole 

  • It holds the record as being the most dangerous crocodile species due to its over powering size and unpredictable aggression . 

  • Leaving little hope to none for those that unintentionally wandering into their territory once they may direct contact. 

  • "Saltwater Crocodiles" are not picky eaters they will gladly eat anything based on availability including large mammals

  • These include deer , wild boars, tapirs ,,orangutans , tigers water buffalo's and even humans.

  • As if they don't hold enough world records already Saltwater Crocodiles also hold the record for the highest bite force ever !

  • With a bite force of 4000 pounds per square inch, certainly makes them a formidable predator in the wild 

  • As a comparison to this , note that we only exert 200 pounds per square inch of force to tear down into a steak . Think about that!

  • However, its ability to open its jaw is just had as it is good in closing them. 

  • They have small and weak muscles to open their jaw which can easily be secured shut with only a few layers of duct tape.

  • Despite holding many world records as a powerful predator , Salt Water Crocodiles , along with the Nile Crocodile are not to be taken lightly 

  • These Crocodiles are responsible for hundreds of attacks and human deaths every years..

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