Sailfin Lizard

Philippine Sailfin Lizard

Scientific Name: Hydrosaurus Pustulatus
Family: Agamidae
Length: Up to 1.2 m ( 4ft)
Weight : up to 2.3 kg ( 5lbs)
Distribution: The Philippines

Sailfin Lizard

"sailfin lizard facts"

  • Famously known as the Philippines Sailfin Lizard , Crested Lizard , Sail fin Water Lizard , Soa-Soa water lizard or its native name ibid

  • This large lizard species is endemic only to the Philippines .

  • The Sail-fin Dragon has flattened toes that enables it to typically run across water , also making it an excellent swimmer.

  • They tend to live near rivers and rice fields in the tropical forests of the Philippines and feed on fruits insects , and even smaller animals

  • Male Sail-fin Dragons have a larger crest on their back and tend to be more colorful compared to their counterparts

  • Sail-fin Dragons are now classified as vulnerable by the IUCN due to habitat loss , being hunted for food and collection for the pet trade..

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