Panther Chameleon

Panther Chameleon:

Scientific Name: Furcifer Pardalis
Family : Chamaeleonidaae
Length: Up to 50 cm
Weight : Up to 180 g
Distribution : Madagascar

Panther Chameleon

panther chameleon facts

Panther Chameleons are one of the most colorful animals you'll ever see! With mostly green and red color on their bodies they also have this prominent white stripe along their body:

Although the males are generally more vibrantly colored that the females it is observed also varies with location

These colorful reptiles are Zygodactylous , meaning that the five toes on each foot are fused into a group of two and a group of three.

This gives the foot a tongs-like appearance and is what enables them to have a tight grip on narrow branches .

Adding to this tight grip is a sharp claw on each toe , which aids in gaining traction on woody surface when on the climb

Unlike many reptiles , "Panther Chameleons" have unique eyes where the upper and lower eyelids are joined , with only a pinhole large enough , for the pupil to see through.

They have a 260 degree arc of vision of their surroundings as their eyes can rotate and focus on different things separately

Meaning they can observe two are independently , but also can focus on one direction when prey is on sight.

Their stereoscopic vision makes them experts at depth perception , even being able to spot small insects as far as 10m ( 33 ft ) away!

Panther Chameleons are said to have tongues longer than their own body length and can extend it as fast as 0.003 seconds and by that time its prey is already in contact

In Doing so , once the tip of their tongues sticks to a small insect or prey their tongue is then rapidly drawn back into the mouth ,only for the prey to be crushed by their powerful jaws and consumed 

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