Oviraptor | facts | size


Oviraptor | facts | size:

Name Meaning  : Egg Thief
Period : Late Cretaceous
Family Group : Theropod
Diet: Meat and Plants
Size: 10 feet
Fossil Found: China, Mangolia 1924

Oviraptor | facts | size

Oviraptor facts

When it was first named , in 1924 , this theropod was thought to have died while robbing a nest of Protoceratops eggs. Now scientists know that it was protecting its own eggs. specimens have been found with adults sitting on top of eggs in nest , their feathered arms folded over to protect the eggs . "Oviraptor" had a wide variety of crest shapes that changed depending on how old they were. It had two tooth-like structures in the roof of its moth and its beak had no real teeth behind it. 
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