Name Meaning : Valiant Lizard
Period: Early Cretaceous
Family Group: Ornithopoda
Diet: Plants
Size : 23 feet
Fossil Found: Niger 1976


Ouranosaurus facts

This ornithopod had a large sail on its back, made up of spines extend upward from the backbone . This sail was too fragile to protect the dinosaur so it was probably used for displays. However , it could also have helped control the dinosaur's body temperature . If it stood in  the shade-especially if its skin was wet-heat would have radiated out of its body. This would have helped cool down this 2-ton plant eater

Come scientists believe that Ouranosaurus did not need its hump to regulate its temperature . It spines resemble those that form the withers in mammals such as bison . Was it a dinosaurian version of camel or buffalo

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