Mata Mata | mata mata turtle

Mata Mata | mata mata turtle:

Scientific Name : Chelus Fimbriata
Family : Chelidae
Length: Up to 46 cm
Weight: Up to 16 kg ( 35 lbs)
Distribution: South America

Mata Mata | mata mata turtle

mata mata facts

  • The Mata Mata is a species of large fresh water turtle primarily found in the Amazon and Orinoco basins

  • These large sedentary turtles have a triangular flattened head and a some what of a horn on its long and tabular snout , making this turtle species very unique in appearance

  • Their Shell resembles a piece of bark and its head resembles fallen leaves - which makes them quite hard to spot out

  • When motionless in the water they can easily blend with their surrounding vegetation and wait for prey

  • Although strictly a carnivorous and aquatic species , it is observed that they are more likely to stand in shallow waters where their snout can reach the surface to breathe.

  • They get their food via suction feeding : where the Mata Mata thrusts out its head and opens its large mouth as wide as possible , creating a low-pressure vacuum that sucks the prey into its mouth only to snap its mouth shut, slowly expelling the water and swallowing the fish whole

  • They can't chew their food due to they way their mouths are constructed

  • "Mata Mata Turtles" make interesting display animals as they have a very unique feature and are able to grow to large sizes.
  • They are famous among the exotic pet trade however are quite expensive ..

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