Marine Iguana facts

Marine Iguana facts:

Scientific Name: Amblyrhynchus Cristatus

Family : Iguanidae
Length : Up to 35 cm
Weight: Up to 13.5 kg
Distribution: Galapagose Island

Marine Iguana facts

Marine Iguana

  • Also known as the Galapagos Marina Iguana , it is species of Iguana found only on the Galapagose Island
  • Unlike many other lizards this special species has the ability to forage in the sea , hence making it a marine reptile
  • Not that marine reptiles such as the Saltwater Crocodile are unheard of but they are certainly a minority in the reptilian species
  • Marine Iguana tend to live in colonies on the rocky beaches , marshes and beaches and have a diet almost exclusively on algae which they scrape off rocks with their flat jaws
  • It observed that males can dive as deep as 20 meters into cold water just to find their food source
  • The "Marine Iguana" has a special way of removing excess salt from its several feet from the glands through the nostrils
  • Their only natural predators are Galapagose hawks and certain herons which feed on their young .
  • However it is believed that they encountered terrestrial predators for the first time somewhat about 150 years ago , where introduced dogs have significantly reduced their population by a third in some areas

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