leatherback sea turtle facts

leatherback sea turtle facts:

Scientific Name: Dermochelys Coriacea
Family : Dermochelyidae
Length: Up to 2.5 m
Weight: Up to 916 kg 2019( lbs)

leatherback sea turtle facts

Leatherback Sea Turtle

  • Also sometimes referred to as the Leathery Turtle or Lute Turtle it is fays for being known as the largest of all living turtle species
  • Like its name its back is covered by thick leathery skin and oily flesh unlike other turtles with bony shells.

  • Among all turtles , the Leather back Turtle  has the most hydrodynamic body design

  • With a large almost tear-drop like body , it also has a large pair of front flip flippers that can grow up to 2.7 m ( 9ft) that powers their swimming abilities.

  • These huge turtles are a species with a cosmopolitan global range , meaning that they can be fond in all tropical and subtropical oceans including the Arctic Circle .

  • The "Leather back turtles's" diet consists mainly of jellyfish and other soft bodies organisms . As these turtles make nest and lay eggs on shore at beaches , it's no surprise that their do face many predators that their do face many predators at the early stages of their life even before hatching

  • Natural coastal predators of their eggs include raccoons dogs seagulls, ghost crabs and more

  • Once they hatch however many of these same predators including bigger birds such as the frigate bird join the list of natural predators

  • Well it doesn't end there once the baby turtle reaches the ocean they are still faced with predation from sharks and other large fish

  • Despite not having a bony shell adult Leather Back Turtle surprisingly face only a handful of predators .

  • It is believed that adults actually quite aggressive in defending itself, though hey are still easily over powered when preyed upon by large predators of the sea such as Killer Whales

  • The Leather Back Turtles are generally considered a vulnerable and endangered species due to many natural and unnatural threats to their livelihood

  • Luckily many efforts and campaigns have been made for the cause

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