Leaf Tailed Gecko

Leaf Tailed Gecko:

Scientific Name : Uroplatus Phantasticus 
Family : Gekkonidae
Length: Up to 15 cm
Weight: Up to 10 g
Distribution : Madagascar

Leaf Tailed Gecko

leaf tailed gecko facts

  • Also known as the Eyelash "leaf-tailed Gecko" this small light weight gecko is endemic to Madagascar ( meaning it is not found naturally anywhere else ) 

  • It is well known for its brown leaves like appearance which acts as its natural camouflage.

  • Although the Majority of this species are often found to be a mottled brown they also have many other coloration's including shades of yellow , orange and even purple with small black dots on the underside , which is a key feature in identifying them compared to other similar species ..
  • In the Daytime their camouflage adaptions  help them extremely well in blending into its surroundings keeping them safe by fooling predators 

  • During the night these adaptions helps them in the hunt for prey by also fooling prey only to strike when in close distance .

  • Its easy to say that the Fantastic Leaf-tailed Gecko is a master of camouflage due to their incredible natural camouflage adaption towards the environment .

  • However they have much more to offer that proves they are masters at avoiding predators .

  • Not only they can wilfully shed their tail to fool a predator and open their wide jaws to frighten predators with their red mouth , they are also observed to flatten their bodies against the surface not reduce their body's shadow heightening their camouflage abilities even more .

  • Thanks to the adhesive scales under their feet and their strong curved claws they are able to roam through the trees along the rain forests at night quite proficiently 

  • Similar to other  geckos the Fantastic Leaf-tailed Gecko has no eyelids. Instead it has spectacles that protect their eyes 
  • When dust and debris get into their eyes , they will use their long flexible tongues to wipe away the dirt

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