interesting facts Pakistan


interesting facts Pakistan:

Nationality:  Pakistan

Languages:  Punjabi , Pashtun ( Pathan ) Sindhi Balochi Kashmiri

Religions: Muslims

Population:199,085,847 ( 2015)

Median Age: 23

Population Growth Rate :  1.46%

Birth Rate: 2.26 %

Death Rate:  0.65%

Capital: Islamabad

Electricity Production:  89.88 % billion kWh

Electricity Exports:  0 kWh

Electricity Imports : 0 kWh

Telephones- Landline:4.9 million

Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 135.8 million


Airports with Paved Runways : 108

Heliports: 23

Railways:  7789 km

Road Ways: 262,256 km

Water Ways:  ----

Passports Validity: 6 months beyond the date of arival


The Indus Valley civilization one of the oldest in the world and dating back at least 5000 years spread over much of what is presently Pakistan

Decades of internal political disputes and low levels of foreign investment have led to slow growth and underdevelopment in Pakistan

interesting facts  Pakistan

Facts Pakistan

  • Lahore Railway Station is the largest Railway Station in Pakistan

  • Sohail Abbas of Pakistan holds the record of highest number of goals in International Hockey!

  • Pakistan is the world's 9th superpower

  • Pakistan is the world's 4th largest producer of mangoes , rice and cotton

  • Dr. Abdus Salam- Nobel Prize winner ( Physics 1979)

  • Pakistan is the first Islamic country to attain nuclear power

  • World highest Polo ground is in Pakistan where Shundur Polo festival is being organized

  • Pakistan ranks 26th in the largest economies of the world !

  • ISI, the main intelligence agency for Pakistan has been ranked as the world's best intelligence agency by the American Crime News!

  • Haleji Lake located in Thatta District , Sindh , Pakistan is Asia's largest bird sanctuary

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