interesting facts Japan


interesting facts Japan:

Nationality: Japanese

Languages:  Japanese

Religions: Shintoism , Buddhism

Population:126, 919, 659

Median Age: 46.5 years

Population Growth Rate: -0.16%

Birth Rate:  0.7%

Death Rate:0.95%

Capital: Tokyo

Electricity Production:936.2% billion kWh

Electricity Exports: 0 kWh

Electricity Imports : 0 kWh

Telephones - Fixed lines: 63.61 million

Telephone- Mobile Cellular:


Airports with Paved Runways : 142


Railways: 27, 155

Road Ways: 1,217,128

Water Ways: 1,770 km

Passports Validity: Must be Valid for the Intended period of stay in Japan


In 1603 , after decades of civil warfare the Tokugawa shogunate ushered in a long period of relative political stability and isolation from foreign influence
For more than two centuries this policy enabled Japan to enjoy a flowering of its indigenous culture

Economy :

In the years following World War II government-industry cooperation a strong work ethic , mastery of high technology and a comparatively small defense allocation helped Japan develop an advanced economy

interesting facts Japan

Facts Japan

  • There are a total of 19 Nobel Prize winners from Japan

  • 98% of adoption in Japan are of male adult. Japanese do this to keep their family business in their family

  • Unfortunately the suicide rate in Japan is  very high in the world

  • However only 2 gun-related homicides are reported in Japan per year

  • One interesting fact about Japan is that if you encounter raise floor in some part of the building , it indicates that you should remove your footwear there

  • Tsukiji fish market of Japan is the world's largest wholesale fish and seafood market

  • Nippon or Nihon is the Japanese name for Japan. It means the sun's origin . It is often translated as the land of the rising sun

  • Mount Fuji is the highest point in "Japan" which stands at 3776 m

  • Almost three quarters of Japan's land cannot be utilized for industrial residential or farming purposes

  • Japan is known as an industrial nation. It produces world, electronics and vehicles

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