interesting facts Iran


interesting facts  Iran:

interesting facts  Iran

Nationality: Iranian

Languages: Persian

Religions: Muslim

Population: 81,824,270

Median Age: 28.8 years

Population Growth Rate: 1.2%

Birth Rate:  1.80%

Death Rate: 0.59%

Capital: Tehran

Electricity Production: 225.8 billion kWh

Electricity Exports: 8.67 billion

Electricity Imports : 3.66 billion kWh

Telephones- Landline: 30.60 million

Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 69 million

Airports: 319

Airports with Paved Runways : 140

  Heliports: 26

Railways: 8483.5 km

Road Ways: 198,866 km

Water Ways: 850 km

Passports Validity:  6 months only

Known as Persia until 1935 , Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling monarchy was overthrown ans Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlvi was forced into exile


Iran's economy is marked as reliance on oil and gas exports but Iran also possesses significant agricultural industrial and service sectors

Facts Iran:

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