Interesting facts Germany


Interesting facts Germany:

Capital :  Berlin
People :  German
Population :  82,170,143
Population Ranking  : 16
Area  :   357,114
Density : 236
Currency :  Euro
Median age :  46 years
Language :  German
H.S.P : 25

Country Surrounded by

Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland , Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Interesting facts  Germany

Facts Germany

  • Christmas Trees originated from Germany.
  • The first magazine ever seen was launched in 1663 in Germany
  • German is the most widely taught third language across the world
  • Germany was the first country in the world to adopt Daylight saving time
  • Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice.
  • Prison escape is not punishable by law in Germany
  • College education in "Germany" is free even for internationals
  • German remains the language with the most native speakers in Europe
  • Munich is the second most punctual large airport in the world
  • Germany has over 400 zoos the most in the world
  • Berlin's Zoologischer Gerten is the larger zoo in the world
  • Germany is one of the world's largest car producers .
  • Smoking is banned in  public places but drinking is still legal
  • Germany is one of the world's largest car producers.
  • Munich's Oktoberfest is the world's biggest folk festival
  • Germany has the largest population in the European Union
  • Berlin has the largest train station in Europe .
  • There are more football fan clubs in Germany than anywhere else in the world 
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