interesting facts about Snakes


interesting facts about Snakes:

interesting facts about Snakes

  • Snakes use their tongue to smell

  • 51% of Americans fear snakes most than any other thing in the world

  • Snakes don't have eyelids

  • Snakes have flexible jaws which allows them to eat prey bigger than their head

  • One drop of the Beaked Sea snake venom can kill 3 adult men

  • Snakes used in snake charming performances respond to movement not sound

  • The Titanoboa lived 60 million years ago and is the largest longest and heaviest snake ever discovered

  • Powerful acids in snakes stomachs mean they will explode if given Alka-Selter

  • The mortality rate of a Black Mamba snake bite is almost 100%

  • There are no terrestrial / Land  snakes in New Zealand

  • "Snakes" can open their mouth up to 150 degrees

  • The boom slang snake's venom causes you to bleed from all holes of your body

  • More people are killed each year by bees than snakes

  • The top ten dead-list snakes can be found in Australia

  • Snakes kill 100,000 people every year

  • Snakes can have two heads and fight each other for food

  • Some snakes survive for up to two years without a meal

  • There's an Island in Brazil where civilians are forbidden to go it has up to 5 snakes per square meter

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