interesting facts about Norway


interesting facts about Norway:

Nationality: Norwegian
Languages: Bokmal Norwegian
Religions: Church of Norway
Population: 5,207,689
Median Age: 39.1 years
Population Growth rate: 1.13%
Birth Rate:  1.21 %
Death Rate: 0.81%
Capital: Oslo
Electricity Production: 134 billion kWh
Electricity Exports: 15.14 billion kWh
Electricity Import: 10.21 billion kWh
Telephone Landlines: 1.16 million
Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 5.0 million
Airports with Paved Runways: 67
Heliports: 1
Railways: 4250 km
Road Ways: 93,870 km
Water Ways: 1577 km
Passport Validity: Must be valid for three months


Two centuries of viking raids into Europe tapered off following the adoption of Christianity by King Olav TRYAAVASON in 994 ; conversion of the Norwegian kingdom ocurred over the next several decades

The Norwegian economy is a prosperous mixed economy, with a vibrant private sector , a large state sector and an extensive  social safety net

interesting facts about Norway

Facts Norway

  • There are app. 60,000 species in Norway and adjacent water ( excluding bacteria and virus) . The Norwegian Shelf large marine ecosystem is considered highly productive . 
  • The Archbishop's Palace was the center of the Norwegian Archdiocese 
  • In November 2007 National Geographic Traveler rates Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway the third most appealing islands in the world 
  • About 2/3 of the land in Norway is considered mountain terrain
  • There are nearly 450000 fresh water lakes in Norway 
  • The Sognefjord is the largest fjord in Norway and the second longest in the world 
  • Norway now has 25 toll roads operating with electronic fee collection as the Norwegian technology is called , Norway has been the world's pioneer in the widespread implementation of this technology 
  • Umes Stave Church in Luster is the only stave church in the world included on UNESCO's world heritage list 
  • The Norweigian Monarchy is over 1000 years old reaching back to the year 885
  • Norway was the first country in the world to enact an anti'discrimination law protecting the rights of gays and lesbians 
  • The largest predator in Norwegian waters is the sperm whale and the largest fish is the basking shark
  • Norway is the second least densely  populated country in Europe 
  • The Noble Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo Norway's capital every year
  • The Norwegian Government spent US$7 million on the construction of a doomsday vault to preserve plants seeds from all over the world 
  • The largest predator on earth is polar bear while the brown bear is the largest predator on the Norwegian mainland where the common moose is the largest animal 

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