interesting facts about Morocco


interesting facts about Morocco:

Nationality: Moroccan
Languages: Arabic
Religions: Muslims
Population: 33,322,699
Median Age: 28.5 years
Population Growth rate: 1%
Birth Rate:  1.82 %
Daeath Rate: 0.48%
Capital: Rabat
Electricity Production: 23.65 billion kWh
Electricity Exports: 818 million kWh
Electricity Import: 5.56 billion kWh
Telephone Landlines: 2.49 million
Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 44 million
Airports: 55
Airports with Paved Runways: 31
Heliports: 1
Railways: 2067 km
Road Ways: 58,395 km
Water Ways: ---
Passport Validity:  Must be valid at the time of entry

In 788 about a century after the Arab conquest of North Africa a series of Moroccan Muslim dynasty began to rule in Morocco . In the 16th century the Sadist monarchy particularly under Ahmed al-Mansur ( 1578-1603 ) repelled foreign invaders and inaugurated a golden age


Morroc has captilized on its proximity to Europe and relatively low labor costs to build a diverse open market oriented economy
Morroco also seeks to expand its renewable energy capacity with a goal of making renewable more than 40% of electricity output by 2020

interesting facts about Morocco

 facts about Morocco

  • Critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis are found in "Morocco" 
  • The Morocco National football team were the first African team to win a group at the world Cup.
  • Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of European and African cuisine , due to its location between Europe and Africa
  • The traditional dress for men and women is called djellaba ; a long , loose , hooded garment with full sleeves 
  • Morocco's war exercise known as Fantasias is very popular where armed men on horseback perform acrobatic tricks and stunts 
  • List of  reptiles of Morocco is an incomplete list of reptiles found in Morocco . This list includes both endemic and introduced species 
  • Studies recently conducted reveals a direct maternal link between European Hunter - Gatherer populations and the Berbers of Morocco .

  • The tallest minaret in the world in Hassan II mosque is located in Casablanca Morocco 
  • Morocco is among the world's top wheat importers 

  • Fez is one of the best preserved ancient walled city medieval cities in the Arab world 
  • Argan trees , a source of argan oil used in cosmetics for consumption only grow in Essaouira region of Morocco

  • Ifrane , a town in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco , had the coldest temperature ever recorded in Africa ( -11 F ) in 1935 

  • Morocco is the largest importer of green tea in the world 

  • The largest concentration of Moroccan people outside Morocco is in France

  • Morocco has a number of stone circle which prove contact with the megalithic cultures of Atlantic Europe 

  • The most popular drink in Morocco is Moroccan green tea with mint

  • Morocco's port of Casablanca is the largest port of North Africa and one of the largest artificial ports in the world 

  • The King of Morocco holds vast executive powers . The King can issue decrees called dahirs which have the force of law

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