interesting facts about Hungary


interesting facts about Hungary:

Nationality: Hungarian
Languages: Hungarian
Religions: Roman Catholic
Population: 9,897,541
Median Age: 41.4 years
Population Growth rate: -0.22%
Birth Rate:  0.91%
Death Rate:  1.27%
Capital: Budapest
Electricity Production:34.28 billion kWh
Electricity Exports: 4.76 billion kWh
Electricity Import: 16.64 billion kWh
Telephone Landlines: 3.01 million
Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 11.70 million
Airports: 41
Airports with Paved Runways: 20
Heliports: 3
Railways: 8049 km
Road Ways: 199,567 km
Water Ways: 1622 km
Passport Validity: Must be valid for at least three months beyond your planned date of departure

Introduction :
Hungary became a Christian kingdom in A.D 1000 and for many centuries served as a bulwark against Ottoman Turkish expansion in Europe
The kingdom eventually became part off the polyglot Austro-Hungarian Empire which collapsed during world war II


Hungary has made the transition from a centrally planned to a market economy with a per capita income nearly two thirds that of the EU-28 average
The Global economic down turn declining exports and low domestic consumption and investment dampened by government austerity measures resulted in a severe economic contraction in 2009

interesting facts about Hungary

Facts Hungary

  • Hungary is a land locked Central European Country that shares a border with seven countries , Including Slovakia , Ukraine , Romania , Serbia and Croatia

  • The highest point in Hungary is Kekes 1014 m in the Matra Mountains .

  • The official language o Hungary is Hungarian

  • Hungary cam under the rule of the Soviet union and a four decade long repressive communist state .

  • Hungary is a popular country for tourist attracting . There are 10.2 million tourists visit Hungary per year

  • "Hungary" has a popular spa and bath culture with around 1500 thermal water springs and 450 public baths .

  • Budapest has many grand spas such as the famous Gellert Baths and the Szechenyi Thermal Baths .

  • Hungary is also famous for its mathematicians including the designer of modern geometry Farkas Bolyai and his Son Designer non-Eulidian geometry Janos Bolyai

  • Historically Hungary won 3 Olympics titles , and made two world cup finals

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