interesting facts about human eye

interesting facts about human eye:

  • The human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors

  • The average blink lasts for the 1/10th of a second

  • An eye is composed of more than 2 million working parts

  • We spend about 10% of our walking hours  with our eyes closed blinking

  • All blue eyes people can be traced back to one person who lived near the Black Sea almost 10,000 years ago

  • You blink about 26 times every time

  • Your eye balls stay the same size from birth to death while your nose and ears cannot stop growing

  • If the human eye was a digital camera it would have 576 megapixels

  • Eyes heal quickly with proper care it only takes about 48 hours for the eye to repair a corneal scratch

  • The entire length of all the eyelashes shed by  human in their life is over 98 feet with each eye lash having life span of about 5 months

  • An eye is composed of more than 2 million working parts

  • There are about 39 million people that are bling around the world

  • Albert Einstein/'s eye remain in a safe box in New York City

  • Researchers have successfully used the game Tetris to treat lazy eye in adults

  • Some people are born with two differently colored eyes . This condition is heterochromia

  • Chameleons can move their eyes in two direction at the same time

  • Your eyes can get sunburned

  • Cats have three eyelids

  • It is impossible to sneeze with open eyes

  • Some lizards squirt blood out of their eyes as protection against predators

  • Dolphins sleep with one open eye

  • The eye of a giant squid can measure the same as a volleyball ball

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