interesting facts about Giant Panda


interesting facts about Giant Panda:

interesting facts about Giant Panda

 facts about Giant Panda

  • Adult males can weigh up to 150 kg

  • "Giant Panda" have life span of around 20 years in the wild

  • Female pandas raise cubs on their own( the male leaves after mating )

  • The diet of a panda is made up almost entirely of bamboo

  • Giant pandas eat as much as 10 kg of bamboo a day

  • Giant pandas are good climbers

  • The scientific name fot eh Giant Panda is Ailuropoda Melanoleuca

  • An animated movie from 2008 named Kung Fu Panda features a Giant Panda called Po

  • The Giant Panda is native to China

  • It has a black and white coat that features large black patches around its eyes .

  • Pandas are an endangered species . Population estimates vary but there may be around 2000 left living in the wild

  • Giant Panda cub weighs only around 150 grams at birth .

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