Interesting Facts about Ghana


Interesting Facts about Ghana:

Capital :  Accra
People :  Ghanaian
Population : 29,028,287
Population Ranking  : 49
Area  :   238,533
Density :  127
Currency :  Ghanaian
Median age :  20.5
Language :  English
H.S.P :  135

Country Surrounded by
Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast , Togo

Interesting Facts about Ghana

Facts Ghana

  • The name Ghana means warrior king and harks back to the days of the Ghana Empire between the 9th and 13th centuries
  • The Ghana Empire was built on trade in salt and sold which is why British merchants later called in the Gold Coast
  • "Ghana" is essentially a tropical country and location of the South Western part is in the warm and wet forest zone.
  • Generally Ghanaian culture lays more emphasis on being  hospitable to everyone in the  society, practicing good manners in every setting as well as respect for everyone
  • In Ghana it is a traditional practice that seasons like harvesting have to be accompained by ceremonies . Other popularly celebrated ceremonies are like the age ceremonies for girls which take place before marriage or giving birth
  • Ghana was the first country to gain Independence in West Africa.
  • The country was named after the medieval empire of West Africa which initially was Wagadugu
  • Ghana before 1957 was commonly known as the Gold Coast due to the availability of gold along the rivers Ankobra and Volta
  • Most Ghanaian people dress in brightly colored clothing preferably made of silk
  • Ghanaian enjoy dancing playing the drums and the like food.
  • Ghana has Christians and Muslims as well as  some other few local religions
  • Ghana boasts Elmina castle the oldest European building within sub-Saharan Africa . It was built by the Portugese in  1482 and is located in the central region on the Atlantic shores
  • Ghana was ranked as Africa's most peaceful country by the Global Peace Index
  • Lake Volta in the Volta region of the country is the world's largest man made lake . Its 250 miles long and covers 3283 sq miles or 3.6 percent of Ghana Area
  • Ghanaian love soccer and built a large soccer stadium in the capital of Accra. Soccer is the national sport

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