interesting facts about fish

interesting facts about fish:

interesting facts about fish

  • A starfish van regrow their arms . In fact a single arm can regenerate a whole body

  • Goldfish don't have a stomachs and should therefore be fed easily digestible food in lots of small feeding sessions .

  • Fossil evidence suggests that fish have been on Earth for about 530 million years

  • A  fish named Hanako lived for 225 years

  • The goliath tiger fish is a fish that eats small crocodiles

  • About a third of male fish in British rivers are changing sex due to pollution especially from contraceptive pills a research found

  • When Angler fish mate they melt into each other ans share their bodies forever

  • Goldfish can distinguish the music of one composer from another

  • Fish in polluted lakes lose their sense of smell

  • A 10 year old Goldfish had a 45 minutes surgery to remove a rumor in 2014

  • There are a jelly fish that could be immortal

  • Star fish do not have blood . Their blood is actually filtered sea water

  • Fish can drown in water

  • Starfish is a fish with 40 arms

  • Starfish don't have a brains . Special cells on their skin gather information about their surroundings

  • Thousands of marine creatures die by mistakenly swallowing plastic bags resemble jellyfish

  • 80% of the biomass of fish in the world's oceans has been lost in the past 100 years 

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