Interesting Facts about Egypt


Interesting Facts about Egypt:

Capital :  Cairo
People : Egyptian
Population : 98,102,318
Population Ranking  : 14
Area  :  1,002,450 sq km
Density : 98
Currency : Pound
Median age : 25 years
Language : Arabic
H.S.P : 63
Population Growth Rate: 1.79%

Birth Rate:  2.29%

Death Rate: 0.477%


Electricity Production: 152 billion kWh

Electricity Exports: 1.67 billion kWh

Electricity Imports : 102 million kWh

Telephones- Landline: 6.32 million

Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 95.3 million

Airports: 83

Airports with Paved Runways :  72

Heliports: 7

Railways: 5085 km

Road Ways: 137,430 km

Water Ways: 3500 km

Passports Validity:   must be valid at the time of entry

Country Surrounded by

Libya, Sudan, Israel

Interesting Facts about Egypt

 Facts Egypt

  • Egypt is famous for its ancient civilizations , the Ancient Egyptians who date back to around 3150 B.C.
  • In Ancient times , The "Egyptians" servants were coated with honey in order to engage files with them and to keep away from Pharaoh
  • Cleopatra the last Pharaoh of Egypt was not Egyptian, she was actually Greek
  • Pyramid of Giza is the oldest of the seven wonders of the Ancient World , which is still in existence.
  • Mostly all Egyptian pyramids are located on the west bank of Nile.
  • The largest pyramid in Egypt is build up of about 2 million stone bricks and each brick weigh 2 and half tons . This is really massively huge
  • The Ancient Egyptian alphabet contained more than 700 hieroglyphs
  • Cats were considered to be a sacred animal by the Ancient Egyptians . It possibly took between 20,000 to 30,000 laborers over 80 years to built a pyramids at Giza
  • Despite enormous heat outside the temperature level in pyramids relatively remains constant that is around 20 Celsius
  • The first sailing boats were built in Egypt
  • The Ancient Egyptians invented lots of rings we still use today such as paper pens locks and keys and toothpaste
  • The longest river Nile runs through Egypt
  • In Ancient times , to grieve the death of their cats Egyptians used to shave off their eyebrows 
  • Mount Catherine is the highest mountain in Egypt , standing 2629 m high
  • The Capital city is Cairo , which also has the largest population .Other major cities include Alexandria and Giza
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