Interesting Facts about Denmark


Interesting Facts about Denmark:

Capital :  Copenhagen
People : Danish
Population : 5,739,810
Population Ranking  :114th
Area  :  43,094
Density : 135
Currency : Krone
Median age : 41.7 years
Language : Danish
H.S.P : 34

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Interesting Facts about Denmark

Facts about Denmark

  • "Denmark" can be windy . The average wind speed is a breezy 13 miles per hour
  • First acknowledged in 1219, the Danish flag remains the oldest state flag in the world still in use by an independent nation
  • Denmark is reported to be the happiest country in the world
  • Denmark is considered the least corrupt country in the world
  • Denmark has 11771 km of coastline which is longer than the Great Wall of China
  • Practically all Danes know how to swim and swimming lessons are part of the compulsory curriculum in all state schools
  • The Great Dane breed of dog originally came from Denmark
  • The United States bought the Virgin Islands , part of the West Indies from Denmark in 1917
  • On Denmark's Faroe Island there are twice as many sheep as people
  • LEGO was invented in Denmark . Legoland and the company headquaters are located in Billund on the Jutland Peninsula

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