interesting facts about cuba


interesting facts about Cuba:

Capital :  Havana
People : Cuban
Population : 11,485,963
Population Ranking  : 79
Area  :  109,884
Density : 108
Currency : Peso
Median age : 41 years
Language : Spanish
H.S.P :  39

Country Surrounded by
Does not share A border

interesting facts about cuba

Facts Cuba 

  • Cuba is the largest of all islands in the Caribbean . The country also includes more than 4000 other much smaller islands and cays
  • "Cuba" is renown for its music , bands play everywhere in the capital Havana
  • Baseball is the most popular sport in Cuba
  • Cubans don't typically write their recipes down. Instead they are passed down from generation to generation through stories
  • Cuba has the highest doctor to patient ratio in the world
  • Dance is very important in Cuba , the birthplace of classic dance styles like the Bolero, Mambo and Cha Cha
  • Cuba has a 99.8% literacy rate which is one of the highest in the world
  • Cuba has nine sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list
  • Cigars are called puros or habanos in Cuba . one company makes all the premium brands for the country
  • Cuba has a tropical climate with moderate trade winds
  • Until 2011 , there was an import ban on cars in Cuba . Hence , many of the cars on the road are classic cars from the 50 s 
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