interesting Facts About Chile


interesting Facts About Chile:

Capital :  Santiago
People : Chilean
Population : 18,097,109
Population Ranking  : 65
Area  :  756,102
Density : 24
Currency : Peso
Median age : 34 years
Language : Spanish
H.S.P : 33

Country Surrounded By

Peru, Bolivia , Argentina

interesting Facts About Chile

Facts Chile

  • Chile is the longest country in the world from north to south at 2,647 miles
  • The main indigenous people of southern and central Chile are called the Mapuche . Today just 5% of the population is Mapuche or other native people
  • Since 1967 , it has been compulsory to hang the Chilean flag from every public building in the country during Flestas Patrias
  • Easter Island is a Polynesian Island and Chilean territory. It is the world's most ISO land island, located 3700 km west of Chile
  • "Chile" is one of the few countries on earth that has a government supported UFO research organization
  • Chilean husbands and wives have different last names because women keep their maiden names
  • Divorce in Chile was legalized only in 2005 and the country has one of the lowest divorce rate in the world
  • Chile's Lago Llanquihue is the second largest  lake in South America , after Peru's Lake Titicaca at 860 SQ km
  • Chilean Patagonia is one of the cleanest place in the world
  • 16000 fire works were exploded in the Chilean city of Valparasio in 2007 . This remains a Guinness World Record
  • Tennis is Chile's most successful sport, however football is Chile's most popular sport

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