interesting facts about Alligator


interesting facts about Alligator:

interesting facts about Alligator

facts about Alligator

  • "Alligators" have been living on Earth for millions of years and are sometimes described s living fossils
  • There are two different species of alligator, the American Alligator and the Chinese Alligators .
  • American Alligators live in south-eastern areas of the united states such as Florida and Louisiana
  • Chinese Alligators are found in the Yagtze river but they are critically endangered and only a few remain in the wild
  • Like other reptiles , alligators are cold-blooded
  • Alligators can weigh over 450 kg ( 1000 lb )
  • Alligators have a powerful bite but the muscles that open the jaw are relatively weak, An adult human could hold the jaws of an alligator shut with their bare hands.
  • Alligators eat a range of different animals such as fish birds turtles and even deer
  • "Alligators" eggs become male or female depending on the temperature male in warmer and female in cooler temperatures
  • Like crocodiles alligators are part of the order ' Crocodile '

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