interesting facts about Algeria


interesting facts about Algeria:

Capital :  Algiers
People :  Algerian
Population :  4131812
Population Ranking  : 34
Area  :   2381741
Density :  17
Currency :  Dinar
Median age : 27.8 years
Language : Arabic
H.S.P :  81
Country Surrounded by
Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger , Libya, Tunisia

interesting facts about Algeria

facts about Algeria

  • The Sahara Desert covered more than 80 % of Algeria

  • The largest country by area in all of Africa is Algeria

  • Algeria produces agricultural products such as grapes, citrus fruit, wheat, cherries, figs and dates

  • One of the more interesting Algeria facts is that two Algerians have won Nobel Prizes

  • Women in "Algeria" have quite a lot of independence.

  • Mount Tahat is Algeria's highest mountain and is 3003 meters high

  • There are seven UNESCO World Heritage sites in Algeria

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