Iguanodon | facts | size


Iguanodon | facts | size:

Name Meaning : Iguana Tooth
Period : Early Cretaceous
Family: ornithopoda
Diet: Plants
Size: 33 feet 10 meter
Fossil Found: England, Belgium,Germany,France,and Spain 1825

Iguanodon | facts | size

Iguanodon facts 

This is one of the most well-known dinosaurs, and the second one to be scientifically named . Its most famous feature is its thumb spike, which probably took out the eye of more than one theropod. Iguanodon was one of the first dinosaurs to be reconstructed , in 1852,in London . In 1878 , coal miners in Belgium,found a layer of rock full of fossils,or a bone bed,that contained more than 20 "Iguanodon" lived in herds,probably for protection . IT was active and was possibly the most widespread of the dinosaurs . Specimens gave been found in Africa, North america, Europe ,Asia
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