Gaboon Viper | bite | facts

Gaboon Viper | bite | facts:

Scientific Name : Bitis Gabonica
Family : Viperidae
Length : up to 2.2 m
Weight : up to 12 kg
Distribution: Africa

Gaboon Viper | bite | facts

Gaboon Viper facts

  • Also known as the Butterfly Adder, Forrest Puff Adder or Swampjack, the Gaboon Viper is a venomous snake species found mainly in the rain forest and savannas of Saharan Africa

  • With a venom yield 2400 mg , it holds the record of having the largest snake venom dose in the world

  • Its features are quite distinguishable compared to other snake-large and triangular head , while the neck is greatly narrowed ( 65% smaller in width compared to head ) and a pair of small horns between the raised nostrils

  • Also it has the long fangs up to 5 cm in length !

  • While observations of the species have resulted in it being a rather slow-moving and placid viper ( often hunting by ambush through long periods of time motionless waiting for suitable prey ) , they are also said to hunt activity .

  • It has excellent camouflage making it almost impossible to spot between piles of fallen leaves in the rain forest.

  • Unlike many other vipers the Gaboon Viper are mostly very tolerant snakes even when handled , rarely biting or hissing .

Despite this extreme care should be taken when handled as they are also one of the fastest striking snakes in the world..

  • A single bite from a "Gaboon Viper" can cause rapid and conspicuous swelling , intense pain local blistering , severe shock defection urination convulsions unconsciousness and many more fatal symptoms that can lead to inevitable death.

  • Even if treated , the healing process might be very slow and fatalities during the process are not uncommon

  • Most bites only occur when a Gaboon viper is stepped on but even the in some case this does not guarantee a bite.

  • Bite from the Gaboon Viper is extremely rare as they tend to only reside in rain Forest areas and are unaggressive against nature

  • Despite that when a bite does occur , antivenom should be administered as soon as possible because it could be a matter of life or death

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