Frilled Lizard

Frilled Lizard:

Scientific Name: Chlamydosaurus Kingii
Family : Agamidae
Length : up to 84 cm
Weight : up to 0.5 kg
Distribution: Australia , New Guinea

Frilled Lizard

frilled lizard facts

  • The "Frilled Dragon" or Frilled Lizard is a unique lizard species due to its very unusual appearance . Also called the Frilled Agama, this large lizard has a large frill around its neck and is a popular exotic pet

  • These awesome lizards don't have a standard color as they are able to adapt to their habitats and their colors are a form of camouflage .

  • Frilled Dragon lizards found in dryer environment tend to be a mixture of reds, browns and oranges while other lizards in more humid and tropical environments tend to be in grays and darker shades of brown

  • Their large Frilled Dragon feels frightened it produces a startling dramatic display . When frightened or cornered , it gapes its mouth and exposes a bright pink or yellow lining then spreads out its frill , displaying bright orange and red scales

  • At the same time raising its relatively large body and at times may holds its tail above its body.

  • This response is usually brought only to discourage predators territorial displays and during courtship

  • These lizards spend the majority of its time in the trees and only ventures to the floor in search of food or to take on territorial conflict

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