Flying Snake


Flying Snake:

Scientific Name : Chrysopelea
Family: Colubridae
Length: Up to 1.2m
Distribution: Southeast Asia, Srilanka China and India

Flying Snake

"Flying Snake"

  • Also known as Gliding Snakes, Chrysopelea are famously known for their unique gliding ability in the air
  • Although mildly venomous , their tiny, fixed rear fangs make them quite harmless to humans
  • Despite their name, Flying Snakes don't actually fly because they are simply parachuting themselves towards a high start point to reach a lower landing over a long distance mostly in search of prey, giving the illusion of flying or slithering in air
  • Nonetheless these snake prove to quite impressive
  • But how do they do it though? A Flying Snake will first climb to the top of trees
  • Then it sucks in its abdomen and flares out its ribs, turning itself into somewhat of a moving flat ribbon so that its its aerodynamic shape Ables it to glide through air
  • This unique ability to propel itself and all the while making a continual serpentine motion of lateral undulation parallel to the ground to stabilize its direction in mid-air in order to land safely certainly makes them very interesting creatures..
  • Despite having limbs wings or another wring-like projections, it is believed that Flying Snakes are able to glide even better than Flying Squirrels and other gliding animals of the same category
  • It is said that they can even glide through dense forest and jungle with great distances of over 100 m
  • The Flying Snakes ability to glide has been an object of interest for physicists and scientists for many years and they are hopeful that this research will lead to design robots which can glide in the air from one place to another

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