Flying Gecko


Flying Gecko:

Scientific Name : Ptychozoon Kuhli
Family : Gekkonidae
Length: Up to 18 cm
Distribution: South East

Flying Gecko

Flying Gecko facts

  • Other names include Kuhl's Flying Gecko, these unique species had some intriguing adaptations to its skin

  • Mainly flaps on both sides  of its body, a flattened tail and webbed feet providing it with amazing camouflage and allowing it to glide over short distance

  • These flaps help generate life and control fail . Not to be confused with their name , these lizards don't actually fly but rather glide up to 60m

  • Their cryptic coloration and membrane make them masters in the art of camouflage in the wild. They blend so well with the environment that the only way to see one is to look for their eyes

The Flying Gecko lives in trees in the rain forests and have a tendency of hopping from branch to branch  . They do this to steer themselves clear of all the predators that  other species have to deal with on the ground..

  • Like many other gecko species , "Flying Gecko" have evolved intricate toe pads with microscopic hairs that can adhere to almost any surface . They are even observed to adhere to glass surface.

  • Flying geckos require among other things a 15-20 gallon terrarium and careful handling. They should be handled as little as possible due to possible damage to their skin.

  • Flying Geckos are insectivorous . In captivity they feed on crickets , mealwors, super worms and wax worms

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