facts about Lizard


facts about Lizard:

facts about Lizard

facts Lizard

  • The upper and lower eyelids of chameleons are joined , leaving just a small hole for them to see through . They can move their eyes independently but allowing them to look in two different directions at the same time

  • Chameleons have long tongues which they rapidly extend from their mouth , too fast for human eyes to see properly

  • Lizard generally eat insects

  • Some Lizards have the ability to change color. This helps them communicate with each other and can also be used for camouflage

  • Some Lizards can detach their tails if caught

  • Geckos is also a type of lizards they have toes which allow them to be good climbers

  • Iguanas have a row of spines which run down their back and tail

  • Green Iguana lizards are popular pets

  • The largest type of lizard is Komodo dragon . It can be 3 meters long in length

  • They are found on a number of different Indonesian Islands

  • Komodo dragons are carnivores and can be very aggressive

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