facts about Kazakhstan


 facts about Kazakhstan:

Nationality: Kazakhstani
Languages:  Kazakh, Russian
Religions: Muslims
Median Age: 30 years
Population Growth rate:  1.14 %
Birth Rate:  1.92%
Daeath Rate: 0.82%
Capital: Astana
Electricity Production:   90.53 billion kWh
Electricity Exports: 1.80 kWh
Electricity Import: 2.6 billion kWh
Telephone Landlines: 4.34 million
Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 28 million
Airports: 96
Airports with Paved Runways:   63
Heliports: 3
Railways: 14,184 km
Road Ways:97,418 km
Water Ways: 4000 km
Passport Validity: six months

Ethnic Kazakhs , a mix of Turks and Mongol nomadic tribes who migrated to the region by the 13th century , were rarely united as a single nation .

Kazakhstan geographically the largest of the former Soviet republics, excluding Russia, possesses substantial fossil fuel reserves and other minerals and metals such as uranium , copper and zinc

facts about Kazakhstan

Facts Kazakhstan

  • Kazakhstan declared independence from the Soviet Union on December 16, 1991.

  • "Kazakhstan" is the 9th largest country by area in the world but it has one of the lowest population densities at 6 people per square mile .

  • Kazakhstan is home to about 120 ethnic groups and nationalities
  • Ancient Kazakhs were the first people in the world to domesticate and ride horses .

  • Kazakhs believe that whistling a song inside a building will make you poor for the rest of your life

  • The currency of Kazakhstan is Tenge

  • Kazakhstan is the world largest landlocked country but it still has a navy, which is based on the similarly landlocked Caspian Sea

  • Kazakhstan is so large that the distance from one end to other is about the same as from London to Istanbul

  • The sun in the flag of Kazakhstan has 32 beams which symbolize progress and prosperity

  • The border between Russia and Kazakhstan is the longest continuous land border in the world ( 7512.8 kilometer)

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