facts about Jellyfish


facts about Jellyfish:

facts about Jellyfish

facts Jellyfish

  • A group of Jelly fish  is called a bloom swarm or smack

  • Large blooms can feature over 100000 Jelly fish 

  • Jelly fish  don't have brains

  • Jellyfish  use their tentacles to sting . Most are harmless to humans but stings from some species , such as the box Jelly fish  can be very  painful sometimes kill

  • Jelly fish live in the sea and are found i all oceans

  • Some Jelly fish live in fresh water

  • Jelly fish  can be large and brightly colored

  • Jelly fish  can be transparent or translucent

  • Some can be very hard to see nearly invisible to the human eyes

  • Although the word is mentioned in the name, Jelly fish  are not fish

  • Box Jelly fish  are almost transparent

  • Jelly fish  eat plankton. Some sea turtle eat Jelly fish

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