facts about Indonesia


facts about Indonesia:

Nationality: Indonesian

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Sundanese

Religions: Muslim, Christians

Population: 255,993,674

Median Age: 29.6

Population Growth Rate: 0.92%

Birth Rate:  1.67%

Death Rate: 0.64%

Capital: Jakarta

Electricity Production: 182 billion kWh

Electricity Exports: 0 kWh

Electricity Imports : 2.54 billion kWh

Telephones- Landline: 29.64 million

Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 319 million

Airports: 673

Airports with Paved Runways : 186

Heliports: 76

Railways: 8159

Road Ways: 496,607

Water Ways: 21,579

Passports Validity:  6 months beyond the date of arrival


The Dutch began to colonize Indonesia in the early 17th century; Japan occupied  the islands from 1942 to 1945
Indonesia declared its independence shortly before Japan's surrender , but it required four years of sometimes brutal fighting ,  intermittent negotiations and UN mediation before the Netherlands agreed to transfer sovereignty in 1949


Indonesia has seen slowdown in growth since 2012 mostly due to the end of the commodities export boom
During the global financial crisis Indonesia outperformed its regional neighbors and  joind China and India as the only  G20 members posting growth.

facts about Indonesia

Facts Indonesia

  • Komodo Island is home to the unique phenomenon that is the Komodo Dragon . They are the largest lizards on earth , as big as an African alligator 

  • Humidity is generally high, averaging about 80%

  • If you could spend only 1 day on each island of Indonesia , you would need to 48 years to see all of them

  • Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 17,508

  • Indonesia is the home to the Javan rhinoceros which is not found anywhere else in the world

  • Badminton and soccer are the two most popular sports in Indonesia . Unfortunately , illegal gambling on sports is a big problem in the country

  • The nation's capital city is Jakarta. It is the largest city in Indonesia

  • At 4884 meters , Puncak Jaya in Papua is "Indonesia's" highest peak and Lake Toba in Sumatra is its largest lake with an area of 1145 sq km 

  • Hinduism in Indonesia is primarily associated with Bali

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