Facts About Estonia


Facts About Estonia:

Capital :  Tallinn
People : Estonian
Population : 1,308,766
Population Ranking  : 155
Area  :  45,227
Density : 31
Currency : Euro
Median age : 41.8
Language : Estonian
H.S.P : 77

Country surrounded by
Latvia , Russia

Facts About Estonia

Facts Estonia

  • Estonia is named after the Estes who inhabited the region in the first Century AD

  • Estonia is also among the cleanest places on the planet earth to breath

  • Almost 50% of its territory is covered with forests and 22 % is under agriculture

  • It is also the third country in the world after Finland and Canada to have the maximum are covered under natural mires

  • Estonia adopted the Euro on Jan 1, 2011

  • Estonia adopted the birthplace of the first Christmas tree

  • The country is the first country in the world to use online political voting

  • "Estonia" is the birth place of Skype

  • Estonia is the top nation per capita for the number of fashion models
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