facts about Czech Republic


facts about Czech Republic:

Nationality: Czech
Languages: Czech , Moravian
Religions: Roman Catholic , Protestant
Population: 10,644,842
Median Age: 41.3
Population Growth rate:   0.16%
Birth Rate:  0.96%
Death Rate: 1.03 %
Capital: Prague
Electricity Production: 81.71 billion kWh
Electricity Exports: 27.46 billion kWh
Electricity Import: 10.57 kWh
Telephone Landlines: 1.89 million
Telephone- Mobile Cellular : 14 million
Airports: 128
Airports with Paved Runways:   41
Heliports: 1
Railways: 9621 km
Road Ways: 130,661 km
Water Ways: 664 km
Passport Validity: Must be valid for at least three months beyond your planned date of departure

The the close of World War I, The Czechs and Slovaks of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire merged to form Czechoslovakia


The Czech Republic is a stable and prosperous market economy , closely integrated with the EU , especially since the country's EU accession in 2004

facts about Czech Republic

Facts Czech Republic

  • Czechoslovakia became a communist ruled state in 1948
  • On January 1 1993 the country of Czechoslovakia was dissolved into the current countries of Czech Republic and Slovakia 
  • Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic . History Prague has been the capital of the Holy Roman Empire an important city in Austria - Hungary and the capital of Czechoslovakia 
  • The "Czech Republic" has population of over 10.5 million people as 2013
  • The highest point in the Czech Republic is Snezka at 602 m 
  • Tourism is the main source of income in Czech Republic Economy 
  • According to Survey Prague was the 6th most visited city in the Europe and the tourist industry employees over 1% of the populations 
  • The main official language of Czech Republic is Czech , The Slovic language of Slovakia is similar to Czech and is recognized as a minority language in the country 
  • The currency of the Czech Republic is Koruna
  • Skoda Auto the large European car manufacturer is from the Czech Republic 
  • The most popular sports in Czech Republic are ice hockey , football sports shooting tennis basket ball and volley ball
  • The Czech Ice hockey team won Olympic Gold in 1998 and has won 6 Gold medals at the world Championships 
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