Facts About Cameroon


Facts About Cameroon:

Capital :  Yaounde
People : Cameroonian
Population : 24,236,161
Population Ranking  :55
Area  :  475,442
Density : 51
Currency : Central African Franc
Median age : 18.4
Language : French , English
H.S.P : 164

Country Surrounded by:
Nigeria, Chad , Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic

Facts About Cameroon

Facts Cameroon

  • There are more than 1700 different Linguistic groups in the century
  • Thermal springs can be found throughout the country
  • Cameroon has the tallest mountain in West Africa ,Mount Cameroon. Its an active Volcanoes that stands over 4095 meters
  • Cameroon has soil rich of minerals and enrich by natural resources like oil,timber , natural gas , cobalt , nickel , Iron ore and uranium
  • Cameroon is famous for producing coffee, cocoa , cotton, bananas and oil seeds
  • "Cameroon" has 7 national parks and Waza National Park is its most famous one
  • The Natural world heritage sites based in Cameroon are Campo Ma'an National Park , Dja Faunal Reserve and La chefferie De Bafut 
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