Facts About Belgium


Facts About Belgium:

Capital :  Brussels
People : Belgian
Population : 11,449,556
Population Ranking  : 80
Area  :  30,528
Density : 377
Currency : Euro
Median age : 41.4 years
Language : Dutch, French, German
H.S.P : 21

Nationality: Belgian
Languages:Dutch, French
Religions:Roman Catholic
Median Age:41.3 %
Population Growth rate:0.76%
Birth Rate: 1.14%
Death Rate:0.63%
Capital: Brussles
Electricity Production:74.13 billion kWh
Electricity Exports:7.603 billion kWh
Electricity Import: 17.24 billion kWh
Telephone Landlines:4.7 million
Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 12.7 million
Airports with Paved Runways: 26
Road Ways:154,012km
Water Ways:2043 km

Passport Validity:must be valid for at least three months beyond your planned date of departure

Country surrounded by:
France , Germany , Luxembourg , Netherlands

Facts About Belgium

Facts Belgium

  • Nearly all Belgians live in cities the country has an urban population of over 97%
  • The town of Spa in Belgium is where the word spa some from
  • The Big Bang Theory Originated in Belgium
  • "Belgium" is world famous for chocolate. Praline chocolates were invented by Jean Neuhaus in Brussels in 1912
  • It was Belgians who designed the common sides of euro coins
  • French fries are believed to have been invented in Belgium not France.
  • Cricket is thought to be a Belgian invention , not British
  • Belgian men are the second tallest in the world
  • The longest tram line in the world is the Belgian Coast Tram, the Kusttram travels the full 68 km
  • Belgium's highways can be seen from moon
  • Belgium has more castles per kilometer in the world
  • Belgium is the world's leading exporter of billiard balls
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