facts about Afghanistan


facts about Afghanistan

Capital :  Kabul
People : Afghani
Population : 35773051
Population Ranking  :40
Area  :  652230 sq km
Density : 54 pkm
Currency : Afghani
Median age : 17.6 year
Language : Pashto, Turkmen, Uzbek
H.S.P : 173

Country Surrounded by
Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan , Iran , Tajikistan , China

facts Afghanistan

  •  Afghan produce rugs that are very popular around the world .

  • The minaret of Jam in Afghanistan is second tallest minaret in the world

  • Meal in Afghanistan is incomplete with no naan, which is flat unleavened bread

  • Women and men will never shake hands let alone speak directly to one another

  • Poetry is a special part of afghan culture. Afghans have conveyed their stories in poetry for over 1000 years

  • "Afghanistan" is rich in a vibrant blue stone called lapic Iazuli, which has been used to beautify the tomb of Tutankhamen, the Egyptian king

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