Dwarf Crocodile


Dwarf Crocodile:

Scientific Name : Osteolaemus Tetraspis
Family: Crocodylidae
Length: Up to 190 cm
Weight: Up to 82 kg
Distribution: Sub Saharan West Africa & Central Asia

Dwarf Crocodile

"Dwarf Crocodile"

  • Also famously known commonly as the African Dwarf Crocodile or the Bony Crocodile , these rather small crocs are the smallest of their species .

  • These Crocodile have a heavily armoured neck back and tail and also has osteoderms on its belly..

  • These unique features are mostly probably due to the result of heightened vulnerability to predation mainly due to its small size.

  • Dwarf crocodile can be found hidden in pools burrows in streams , swamps, mangrove but generally avoid main sections of large rivers within forested regions.

  • While most crocodile are known to always bask in the sun the Dwarf Crocodile however rarely does.

  • They are timid reptiles and are mainly nocturnal . They mainly forage near the water

  • However they are believed to expand the feeding pattern to land in extensive forays especially after rains . Earning them the title as one of the most terrestrial species of crcodilian

  • Dwarf can survive for relatively long periods without food often retreat to deep holes in dry seasons

  • According to the IUCN the Dwarf Crocodile is considered a vulnerable species . These are believed to be caused by hunting for bush meat or habitat loss due to deforestation

  • These small crocodile are widely kept and bred in many zoos..
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