interesting facts about dragon snake

Interesting Facts About Dragon Snake

Dragon Snake:

Scientific Name: "Xenodermus "
Family: Colubridae
Length: up to 76 cm
Distribution: Thailand, Burma, and Indonesia

Dragon Snake
facts about dragon snake

Dragon Snake

  • Also known as the Javan Mudsnake or Rough-backed Litter Snake, this rare species of snake are fully nocturnal and are known to subsist on a diet mainly of frogs

  • Dragon snakes undergo reproduction by egg and only lay several clutches of 2 to 4 eggs each year in the rainy season, which is from October to February

  • When they encounter threats, they exhibit an unusual behavior where they stiffen their whole body and straighten into a line

  • Although they are a rare species Dragon  snakes are not the object of any conservation endeavors at the moment

  • Due to the fact, that is quite a rare species and are known to die when placed into captivity many things are yet to be discovered regarding this cool looking reptile

  • However many of us would agree that this snake is probably one of the coolest snakes we have ever seen
facts about dragon snake
interesting facts about dragon snake

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